EIU trustees considering a hike to tuition rates


CHARLESTON — Undergraduate students currently attending or seeking to attend Eastern Illinois University as freshmen could see their tuition rates higher this academic year.

The Eastern Illinois University Board of Trustees is considering a proposal to increase student tuition rates when they meet Friday afternoon.


A look at the potential tuition rate hikes

If there is an approval of the proposal, resident undergraduate students will notice a $6.04 per semester hour increase. Currently, the semester hour rate sits at $302; however, the increase would make it $308.04 per semester hour.

Non-resident students could also see a $7.05 increase from $378 to $385.05 per semester hour.

Graduate students are not immune to hikes. With approval, the semester rate would increase by $6.13 from $306.50 to $312.63 for resident students. Non-resident graduate students may see a hike of nearly $15 from $735.60 to $750.31.

Pursuant to state law, new undergraduate Illinois resident student tuition rates must remain the same for four continuous academic years.

These rates would go into effect, beginning with the 2020-21 academic year if approved. The board is considering increasing rates for housing and dining, as well as various student fees.


Other EIU matters for discussion

The trustees are considering a contract with Tampa, Fla.-based Washlava regarding a lease of laundry equipment for students, including related services through 2025. The contract would allow for an expense for up to $110,000 per year. EIU students would be able to check laundry machine availability and the status of their laundry loads via a smartphone app.

They will also consider the purchase of new video scoreboard displays and related sound system for Lantz Arena. The bid currently under consideration by the trustees is from Duluth, Ga.-based Formetco Sports at a cost of $548,913. The university reports that the replacement of outdated equipment at the arena is being paid through donor funding.

EIU trustees meeting to take place online

While the trustees are meeting in the Martin Luther King Jr. Union, the meeting will be held virtually to follow state health and safety guidelines in relation to COVID-19. The live stream of the open meeting session will kick off at 1 p.m. The full meeting agenda is available on the Board of Trustees website.

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