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NOKOMIS — On Saturday, June 22, the Trustees of the Nokomis Public Library are hosting a Garden Walk with a Touch of Art from 9 a.m. to noon. The cost of the tickets are $10 a person and can be bought in advance at the Nokomis Public Library or from members of the Nokomis Woman’s Club. Tickets can also be purchased on the day of the event at Fred B. Johnson Park, where maps of the gardens will also be available. Artwork from local artists will also be showcased at the participating gardens.

The following are descriptions of each participating household of the garden walk:

Garden #1

My husband and I are gardening partners. Our property contains several gardens. Everywhere you look there is a splash of God’s creation. We raise twenty different vegetables, twelve different herbs, and over twenty varieties of flowers. We use the fruits of our labor at the family table and also to teach our grandchildren the wonders of God’s glory. Numerous trees and bushes provide habitat to many birds. As we have traveled over the past thirty-seven years we have collected rocks from each location. Many of the rocks are used as a border for our front sidewalk.

“Nature is our passion as we continue to learn about God’s Creation.”

Garden #2

My garden has always been considered our family backyard where we gather, and kids play wiffle ball or hide and seek. Over the years I have created a patchwork of gardens that are filled with flowers that I love. The gardens are accented with gifts from friends or things that make me smile. I’ve always attributed my love of gardening to my mom, who never saw a flower she didn’t love. As I grow older I feel the love of gardening goes much deeper. I think it goes to a part of me that longs to be a small part of the miracle of God’s Creation.

“My garden is not perfect. It’s kind of quirky, and a little on the wild side. I love it. We still have that wiffle ball field in the center of our yard!”

Garden #3

I grew up with a mother (Marcella Williams), who definitely had a green thumb! As a little girl, I remember helping her plant and care for her flower gardens. My garden is accented with several antique farm implements. A favorite of mine is an old chimney pot from England. It is reminiscent of the days of “Mary Poppins” and Bert the chimney sweep. I love to spend time in my garden swing soaking in all the beautiful flowers. My garden gives me peace and relaxation.

“My garden theme is rustic and I just call it Grandma’s Garden.”

Garden #4

My love of gardening was instilled in me by my mother, Jan Wollerman. Growing up, I remember that my family always planted a big vegetable garden. My mother canned, made pickles, made jams and jellies and froze fruit to serve at our family table. In 1989, my mother became too ill to keep up the big gardens so with the help of my dad she turned to planning and tending flower beds. It was a new start for her. I enjoy working in my garden. It is a peaceful place and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. “Variety” may be the word that best describes my garden. I really like full flower beds. Many of my flower starts came from my neighbor Theresa Sides. She had beautiful flowers and lots of good advice for me.

Garden #5

How my Grandma Mae loved her flowers!  I’ll always remember how she would bury banana peels around her rose bushes to make them bloom.  I think she was my first inspiration for my garden. My yard and gardens are definitely my happy place. I enjoy getting my hands dirty as I dig in the soil. Gardening seems to be therapy for me.  I feel it is a gift from God.  I especially love to see the huge patch of bluebells that pop up each spring.  The stars are originally from a farm in Iowa that is close to where my mom grew up.

“I would definitely name my garden My Happy Place”

Garden #6

 As a little girl, I’ll always remember the hundreds of blue violets that grew around my grandma’s house and memories of playing under her pagoda that was covered with sweet pea vines. I credit those memories for my love of gardening. One of the more interesting features in my yard is the row of very old hedge trees that define our property line. I also enjoy sitting in my yard when the 4:00 whistle blows. It’s a reminder of the days when the local coal miners were done for the day. It’s a step back into the history of Coalton. If you are very lucky, you may spot one of the deer that often visit our yard. 

“My gardens and yard serve as a peaceful retreat.”

Garden #7

Many years ago, my dear friend, Hazel Suslee, helped me plant a little four pack of lavender petunias that my husband bought for me. That simple act was the start of my love for gardening. I have passed that love along to my children. So, “thank you, Hazel!” I enjoy gardening so much because it relaxes me and it is great therapy. I love to be surrounded by lovely things. Happily my husband, Bill, enjoys the gardens too – so it is a mutual hobby. Visitors might enjoy the several water features in our yard and the several highlights throughout our yard.

“I hope we have a lovely day for the garden walk. I am very much looking forward to it.”

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Written by: Jake Leonard

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