ZeroHedge slapped with Twitter suspension for Coronavirus doxxing

News organization ZeroHedge was suspended Friday for doxxing and publishing contact information of a Chinese scientist in the wake of the Coronavirus. (Twitter screenshot)

SAN FRANCISCO/MAHWAH, N.J. (Heartland Newsfeed) — A pro-Trump financial news website who has experienced their fair share of social media censorship is once again in trouble.

ZeroHedge, run by Daniel Ivandiiski (better known as Tyler Durden), has run afoul of the terms of service for social media platforms. Facebook banned the website’s social media presence last March, with a reversal the following day, citing it was ‘a mistake’. This time, it involves Twitter.

The last update from the website under the #ZeroHedge hashtag involved a Coronavirus-related post with the news headlineCoronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”, Stoking Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon’, citing a conspiracy theory that the Coronavirus was manufactured in a lab in the Wuhan province of China as a biological weapon, citing claims that there were genetic similarities between the virus and HIV/AIDS. 

zerohedge coronavirus updateThe conspiracy theory, regardless of how gruesome it may be, is unconfirmed.

The news platform published another article earlier in the week entitled ‘Is this the man behind the global Coronavirus pandemic?’, alleging that scientist Peng Zhou concocted the virus, which is also unconfirmed.

The articles, both written by “Tyler Durden”, have published no factual information supporting the allegations and even doxxed Zhou in Wednesday’s article.

BuzzFeed reported the doxxing from the article two hours prior to Twitter suspending ZeroHedge’s account. The doxxing involved the publication of Zhou’s picture, name, email address and telephone number and encouraged readers to pay him a visit.

There is no inclination as to whether the news organization will have their access restored on Twitter.

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