Pandemic or not, we’ll continue to deliver the news


For the past four years, Heartland Newsfeed has been dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date news.

The news has varied over time, but if it’s important to you, it’s important to us. As publisher and editor-in-chief, one of the greatest concerns I’ve heard is the lack of local news and the absence of a local news operation.

I would like to assure you that while the Nokomis Free Press-Progress — the local newspaper that I contribute content to now and again — may have relocated to Pana, we never left. We’ve operated from the home office in the far southeast corner of Nokomis the entire time.

We’ve always been here…and we’re not going anywhere

People have started to take notice, saying, “Hey, maybe there still is a news operation in the community. Let’s check it out.” That’s music to my ears.

Even in these uncertain times surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, we have always made a commitment to bring you the same level of current, factual news in every single article. We keep up with the community and its happenings, even if activities are considerably limited.

A commitment to more local news…without a paywall

You have asked for more local news than ever before. We have been focusing on that more and will keep up on local governments within our immediate jurisdictions to keep you informed. If you would like anything covered, please do not hesitate to contact our newsroom.

Our publication schedule is constantly evolving, as we are a digital publication and do not abide by deadline standards like traditional print media. We do what we can to deliver the most up-to-date news coverage — and without hiding behind a paywall.

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We strive to be a digital news leader…

Journalism has evolved over the years and more towards digital. We strive to become one of the top independent news organizations in Illinois, the United States, and the entire world. We offer a variety of news on our site — from local to national, from international to business, from entertainment to sports. Our partnerships with various outlets are helping you get the news you deserve from us.

Our staff strives to deliver the facts, not ideals of hyper-partisanship, sensationalism, and emotion. We support local initiatives and community efforts that make Montgomery County and surrounding counties and Central Illinois a great place to live.

We have been building up a great staff to deliver this news to you in a timely manner. Firstly, we will be there with you now. Secondly, we will still be here when this epidemic passes. Finally, we will stand for First Amendment principles for a free press, whether we are in a pandemic or not.

The newsroom is always open

Our newsroom is always open — even when our staff is asleep:

  • You can email me at jake.leonard@heartlandnewsfeed.com.
  • You can call our business line at (217) 569-4230 x700 during business hours of 8 AM to 8 PM Central Time. Additionally, you can leave a voicemail message after hours by pressing 3.
  • You can reach at (217) 565-9273 for any pressing breaking news.
  • You can also reach us via our contact form or on various social media — Facebook, Twitter and Discord.

Jake Leonard, a broadcast media and journalism veteran, is the editor-in-chief of Heartland Newsfeed. Leonard is also GM and program director of Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network and a contributing writer for My Sports Vote, Ambush Sports and Midwest Sports Network. He resides at home in Nokomis, Ill. with his dogs Sparky and Buster.

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