Alexander Hamilton
KNAPP/SCHLOSBERG: Time to drop Hamilton’s economics

The July 3 premiere of Hamilton on streaming service Disney+ marked the end of a.

Europe Czech Republic Prague Strahov Monastery Library
Visiting Europe’s great libraries

As we’ve had to postpone our travels because of the pandemic, I believe a weekly.

EDITORIAL: We will never hide behind a paywall

(Heartland Newsfeed) &#8211 Just in the past few weeks, a Central Illinois newspaper that has.

KNAPP: “Second wave” of COVID-19 or not, no more lockdowns

Here we go again: Fear of a “second wave” of COVID-19 infections is on a.

KNAPP: 2020 is the most important presidential election since the last one

Every four years without fail (and usually a little earlier in each quadrennial cycle), both.

Spike Cohen Libertarian
EDITORIAL: Amateur political blog is a joke for Libertarian ticket criticisms

(Heartland Newsfeed) &#8211 As soon as the top of the Libertarian ticket was declared this.

KNAPP: Morbidly obtuse: Pelosi and the media versus hydroxychloroquine

When US President Donald Trump mentioned that he’s taking hydroxychloroquine, he immediately got an extra.

WITHERSPOON: Is Governor Pritzker obtuse?

There’s a pivotal moment in the award-winning film, The Shawshank Redemption when the main character Andy.

politicians COVID-19
KNAPP: No, the politicians didn’t save us from COVID-19

Writing at Reason Magazine, Eric Boehm notes two trends revealed in data released by Apple and.

home self-isolation quarantine
Rix Quinn’s Minute Story: Home confinement

House confinement offers several positives. Luckily, I’ve got a little home office, and it’s a.

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