Donald Trump Joseph Biden
KNAPP: Biden vs. Trump is an echo chamber, not a choice

“Democracy,” H.L. Mencken wrote, “is the theory that the common people know what they want,.

Joe Biden
COMMENTARY: The irony of voting for Joe Biden

Honestly, I don’t get how anyone in the right minds would vote for presumed Democratic.

Roman treasures in Nîmes

Most travelers to southern France’s Provence region will visit Arles and Avignon, but ignore nearby.

Trump drugs executive order
KNAPP: Executive orders – this is the brain of Trump on drugs

On July 24, US President Donald Trump signed four executive orders with an eye toward.

Experiencing Iceland’s raw beauty

Iceland, with cinematic scenery showcasing nature in its rawest form, thrills outdoorsy travelers. Its fascinating.

Libertarianism Thom Hartmann
KNAPP: “Peak libertarianism?” No, Thom Hartmann is just a sore winner.

“We have now reached peak Libertarianism,” Thom Hartmann informs us at CounterPunch, “and this bizarre.

Pompeii: Italy’s frozen-in-time Roman city

I love exploring the world of ancient Rome, with its grand architecture, fascinating culture, and.

political parties ballot access
KNAPP: Political parties are inevitable and ugly, but not entirely useless

George Washington, America’s first president, devoted part of his 1796 farewell address to warning against.

chimps bananas

Research appears all the time about monkeys. This, I suspect, is because they’re the second-brightest.

economic plans
KNAPP: The road to hell is paved with economic plans

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says he has an economic plan for America to “Build.