Donald Trump Joseph Biden
KNAPP: Biden vs. Trump is an echo chamber, not a choice

“Democracy,” H.L. Mencken wrote, “is the theory that the common people know what they want,.

Joe Biden
COMMENTARY: The irony of voting for Joe Biden

Honestly, I don’t get how anyone in the right minds would vote for presumed Democratic.

Republican Madigan
COMMENTARY: Republican legislators implicated as part of Madigan special interest donations

As if the whole corruption saga surrounding Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan wasn’t already interesting..

Trump drugs executive order
KNAPP: Executive orders – this is the brain of Trump on drugs

On July 24, US President Donald Trump signed four executive orders with an eye toward.

Libertarianism Thom Hartmann
KNAPP: “Peak libertarianism?” No, Thom Hartmann is just a sore winner.

“We have now reached peak Libertarianism,” Thom Hartmann informs us at CounterPunch, “and this bizarre.

political parties ballot access
KNAPP: Political parties are inevitable and ugly, but not entirely useless

George Washington, America’s first president, devoted part of his 1796 farewell address to warning against.

KNAPP: Yes, the rent is too damn high, but not because the minimum wage is too damn low

“Full-time minimum wage workers cannot afford a two-bedroom rental anywhere in the U.S.,” Alicia Adamczyk.

WITHERSPOON: Is Governor Pritzker obtuse?

There’s a pivotal moment in the award-winning film, The Shawshank Redemption when the main character Andy.

politicians COVID-19
KNAPP: No, the politicians didn’t save us from COVID-19

Writing at Reason Magazine, Eric Boehm notes two trends revealed in data released by Apple and.

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