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Radio giant Audacy files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

PHILADELPHIA (UPI) -- Following years of declining ad spending, American radio and podcasting giant Audacy announced Sunday that it has filed for prepackaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Audacy, one of the nation's largest radio companies, announced its filing in a statement, saying it has reached a restructuring support agreement with a supermajority of its debtholders that will see its debt be reduced by about 80%, from $1.9 billion to $350 million. Formerly known as Entercom, Audacy merged with CBS Radio in 2017 that aided […]

todayJanuary 9, 2024

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

Radio network to carry basketball playoffs

NOKOMIS -- In its mission to integrate more live content, Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network is finalizing details for the carriage of high school sports. A good start will be coming forth shortly with broadcasts of the Illinois High School Association basketball state tournaments. Currently, 14 broadcast groups from throughout the state are carrying those games. Currently, we are the only Internet-exclusive broadcast in its midst. Delivery options to our studio are still pending, but it is likely to be an […]

todayJanuary 22, 2022 1

Automattic Pocket Casts

Business & Lifestyle

Automattic acquires Pocket Casts

Podcasting platform joins blogging platform giant

SAN FRANCISCO/ADELAIDE -- Automattic, the owner and developer of WordPress and Tumblr, is adding podcasting among its ranks. In a blog post on Friday, it was revealed that podcasting platform Pocket Casts is becoming part of the Automattic family. Pocket Casts is a popular podcast listening platform. You can search for and discover podcasts on the Android and iOS platforms. The app also allows users to keep their podcast subscriptions all in one location, syncing from all platforms. While […]

todayJuly 16, 2021

Bobby Likis Car Clinic

‘Bobby Likis Car Clinic’ calls it quits after nearly 30 years

PENSACOLA, Fla. -- Bobby Likis, host of the nationally-syndicated, award-winning car-talk radio program "Bobby Likis Car Clinic", is calling it quits after nearly three decades on the air. Likis is retiring from his radio network and program after 29 years. This was announced in a press release last month. The grand finale aired on October 10 on affiliates nationwide and online, with some tape delay exceptions. Likis would host his inaugural broadcast in 1991 at WCOA in his home of […]

todayOctober 17, 2020 1


National Association of Broadcasters fuming over FCC regulatory fees

WASHINGTON (Heartland Newsfeed) -- The U.S. largest broadcaster advocacy group is firing back at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding a fee change proposal under consideration. Again. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is calling the FCC's proposed regulatory fee schedule for 2020 "unfair and likely unlawful," according to a report from Radio World's Paul McLane. NAB alleges that the fee changes would place a "stranglehold" on the broadcasting industry. FCC refuses to take into consideration COVID-19 impacts on broadcasting […]

todayJune 15, 2020


Alex Jones resorting to cannibalistic meltdown in a recent radio broadcast

AUSTIN, Tex. (Heartland Newsfeed) -- Did you think Rand Paul had a rough neighbor? Alex Jones states in a recent broadcast of his nationally-syndicated radio program that he's thinking a lot lately about slaughtering and eating his neighbors. Jones, who's not a newcomer to controversy, shocked the Internet with another rant of derangement Friday. He states that he would eat his neighbors if he ever ran out of food. However, Jones also presented a message for what who he calls […]

todayMay 5, 2020


Free Talk Live co-host leaving New Hampshire for Northern Mariana Islands

(Heartland Newsfeed) -- One of the main co-hosts of a libertarian syndicated program is leaving New Hampshire for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), according to a news release from the program Saturday. Mark Edgington, better known as Mark Edge on-air on Free Talk Live, is in the process of packing his bags for the move and is reportedly leaving on January 12, visiting Hong Kong before going to the CNMI capital of Saipan. The move is related […]

todayJanuary 4, 2020 1

Business & Lifestyle

New broadcast signal for WTIM goes live

SULLIVAN (Heartland Newsfeed) -- NewsTalk WTIM went live on their new FM signal at 107.7 FM in the city of Sullivan, according to a press release made available yesterday. As previously covered, the Miller Media Group enacted plans to expand their coverage area to Moultrie County and cited a completion point during the summer following approval of a broadcast license from the Federal Communications Commission. The expansion brings the station's news, agriculture and talk programming to Moultrie County, with the […]

todayAugust 16, 2018

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