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Updated March 29, 2020

We greatly appreciate your consideration in supporting unbiased journalism at Heartland Newsfeed. We have a variety of options you can utilize to make your contribution.

We have Affiliate status on the streaming platform Twitch. There are three tiers you can sign up at to support the channel — $4.99, $9.99 and $24.99 — in which a portion of that subscription would go to us. We earn additional income via those who use their free subscription from Twitch Prime, from bits, cash and cryptocurrency donations and from purchases from the Amazon Blacksmith widget on our channel page. We are working on getting up to Partner status which allows for additional perks.

We are currently working on attaining our Affiliate status on the platform. We will advise further when we’re approved.

Streamlabs, 1UpCoin and StreamElements
We utilize three major platforms for donations and those donations are shown during our live simulcasts on various video streaming platforms — Streamlabs (which accepts cash and cryptocurrency), 1UpCoin (which accepts cryptocurrency) and StreamElements (which accepts cash and cryptocurrency).

Monthly, quarterly and annual subscription
You can now become a stakeholder in the prolonged future of Heartland Newsfeed with a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription. Please note that this is not a requirement, but if you do decide to utilize the subscription model, you will need to register here.

Other cryptocurrencies
There may be some cryptocurrencies that may not be supported by the previously-mentioned platforms. Between Coinbase and Uphold, we should be able to accommodate for other cryptocurrency donations

When making cryptocurrency donations outside of Streamlabs, 1UpCoin and StreamElements, please contact editor-in-chief Jake Leonard.

Offline contributions
As our current operation is currently a sole proprietorship, all-cash contributions via personal or certified check, cashier’s check or money order must be written to editor-in-chief Jake Leonard in the PAY TO THE ORDER OF line. Please specify Heartland Newsfeed contribution in the memo line.

Cash donations in the above forms and valuable contributions like precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) shall be addressed to the following on your mailing envelope:

Heartland Newsfeed
c/o Jake Leonard
800 Capps Ave.
Nokomis, IL 62075-1415

NSF Notice: Any checks returned as NSF (non-sufficient funds) will be assessed a fee of $25 plus a $36 fee imposed by Regions Bank.