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There are ten website advertising options at your disposal to promote your event, business, political candidate, or special event. You can choose promotion lengths from 30 days to two years.

Due to the newer nature of some of our sizes (150×150, 150×300, 970×90, 970×250), pricing may either not be available or the pricing is available, but the product is not in demand. Please contact for more information on those ad sizes and how we can start an ad campaign for you.

Need a shorter term? Need additional time? We can work with your advertising needs into a plan that works for you. Contact the Advertising Department at (217) 718-5281 for a more personalized ad campaign experience.

As this is a prepaid service, payment will be required immediately. Please submit your ad creative to by 11 p.m. Central time of the order date for next-day placement. Otherwise, please wait 24 to 48 hours for ad placement.

Additional information

Banner Size

150×150, 150×300, 300×250 (Rotate), 300×250 (Standalone), 300×600, 468×60, 550×250, 728×90, 970×90, 970×250

Run Duration

30 days, 45 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, 1 year, 2 years


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