We have a varying suite of advertising options to peruse for the Heartland Newsfeed website. Whether you wish to run banner ads on the site or classifieds, we can work to fulfill your budget through a variety of options and resources.


Medium Rectangle (300 pixels by 250 pixels)

This offering is available to run in an ad rotator (left, our most popular option), but special requests for a standalone spot will be considered on a case-by-case basis (right).

The ad rotator option is available for $55/month. Standalone placements, when available, are $75/month.

Available in rotation (automatic) or standalone (by request) placement


Leaderboard (728 pixels by 90 pixels)

This offering is only available to run in an ad rotator.

The ad rotator option is available for $95/month.

Available in rotation (automatic) placement

Half Page (300 pixels by 600 pixels)

This offering is only available to run in an ad rotator.

The ad rotator option is available for $85/month.

Available in rotation (automatic) placement

Only available in rotation placement - Limited placements available

550×250 – starts at $60/month
468×60 – starts at $45/month

Only available in rotation placement - Special placements not regularly sold

150×150 – starts at $15/month
150×300 – starts at $35/month
970×90 – contact the Advertising Department
970×250 – contact the Advertising Department


Brands seeking different forms of exposure utilizing paid guest posts are able to do so on Heartland Newsfeed.

The cost for sponsored posts and/or advertorials will depend on the content length. The price range is between $45 for 450 words to $300 for up to 3,000 words.

All posts are permanent until such a time that a removal is requested. All posts include two links, and per guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission, content must be marked as sponsored if the content focuses on one or several brands.

Link insertions to existing content are available at the cost of $5 per link, unless specified otherwise.


Heartland Newsfeed has a classified section that has a wide reach in the Bi-State region. With a rate of $4.50 for 25 words, plus 15 cents per additional word, Heartland Newsfeed Classifieds rivals prices set by regional publications.


We welcome the publication of legal notices from entities from throughout the Bi-State region. All public notices will be published at the cost of $55, regardless of the length or type of notice.

Heartland Newsfeed also offers the service of publishing obituary notices for your dearly departed family member. Our goal is to be affordable for everyone, hence the cost being either $35 or $50.

The $35 package accounts for the obituary notice and publication on Facebook. It does not include a photo. The $50 package accounts for the notice, the inclusion of a photo, and publication on Facebook.

This price can change if the Facebook publication option is refused.

Ala carte pricing:
$35 – Obituary/Facebook publication
$50 – Obituary w/ photo/Facebook publication
$25 – Obituary w/o Facebook publication
$40 – Obituary w/ photo w/o Facebook publication
$15 – additional photo

Notices must include the funeral home (if it’s being billed to them), billing address or email address, name of deceased, requested publication date, obituary, and (if applicable) a photo.