Mike Tyson, 53, training for boxing comeback

Mike Tyson
Boxing legend Mike Tyson said he is training to get in shape for future charity bouts. (Corey Sipkin/UPI file photo)

LAS VEGAS (UPI) — Mike Tyson is training for a return to boxing at age 53.

Tyson spoke about his comeback during an interview with rapper T.I. on Instagram Live. The former world heavyweight boxing champion said he plans to participate in charity boxing matches after he gets back in shape.

“I’ve been hitting the mitts for the last week,” Tyson said. “That’s been tough, my body is really jacked up and really sore from hitting the mitts. I’ve been working out, I’ve been trying to get in the ring. I think I’m going to box some exhibitions and get in shape.

“I want to go to the gym and get in shape to be able to box three- or four-round exhibitions for some charities and stuff. Some charity exhibitions, make some money, help some homeless and drug-affected [expletive] like me.”

Tyson said he does daily cardio workouts for two hours on an exercise bike and treadmill. He also said he does “300 or 250” repetitions of light weights. He follows the workout routine with daily boxing exercises in 30- and 25-minute periods.

Tyson has a 50-6 career record. He also has 44 knockouts. At 20 years old, he became the youngest boxer in history to win a heavyweight title when he knocked out Trevor Berbick in 1986. His last professional bout on June 11, 2005, resulted in a loss to Kevin McBride.

Two of Tyson’s most famous fights came against fellow heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. Tyson lost both fights and was disqualified in the last matchup in 1997 after he bit off part of Holyfield’s right ear.

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Tyson was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in 2011. Fellow boxing Hall of Famer George Foreman — who never fought Tyson — told World Boxing News that “Iron Mike” should stay retired.

“Tyson has done enough great things for boxing,” Foreman said. “No more is needed. He is in the Hall of Fame and was a mighty puncher.”

Reporting by Alex Butler

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