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How packaging design and production is changing

todayApril 27, 2022

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One of the things that are changing faster than anything else in the world of retail and business is the packaging. Until quite recently, packaging was excessive and bad for the environment. As the priorities of customers and the perceptions of businesses and their responsibilities to the environment change, the packaging they design has begun to reflect that.

It’s not just about the environment though. There are lots of other changes that are taking place in terms of packaging relating to design and production. Some of these changes are already having a big impact.

Less is more

For many companies, the ethos behind their packaging is “less is more.” Moreover, this is the case for a variety of reasons. Obviously, less packaging means fewer materials and lowers costs for businesses. That is something that’s always going to be appealing.

It also means that the packaging tends to be more sustainable, genuinely improving the appearance. A more minimalist aesthetic is more appealing these days than in the past. Moreover, that’s another reason why this type of packaging is popular.

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A packaging design for recyclability

Recyclability is a big deal these days when it comes to packaging. It’s not something that businesses can really afford to overlook. As companies take ever greater steps to limit their impact on the environment, packaging has been one of the things they’ve focused on above and beyond everything else.

If the packaging can’t be recycled, it means that it will end up in a landfill. And for many businesses, that’s something that’s no longer deemed acceptable.

Using less plastic

Obviously, a big part of making packaging more environmentally friendly and easier to recycle is using less plastic. So whereas lots of different types previously relied heavily on plastics, that’s not the case so much today.

Instead, a lot of paper and cardboard solutions are in use. These are much more friendly for the environment and are much easier to recycle, as we discussed above. So although plastic still has a place in contemporary packaging, it’s not as prominent as it once was.

Offering new information via QR codes

One aspect of packaging design that has changed is interactivity. There are lots of ways in which interactive dimensions can be added to the packaging a business produces for its products. It’s now very common for QR codes to be on the packaging.

When scanned, these codes will take the user to a particular website or application where they might have the chance to enter a competition, win a prize, or simply read more information about the product. It’s something we’re seeing more often.

Fewer manuals and guides

Linked to the point above is the fact that we’re now also seeing fewer manuals and guides come with the products we buy. They would usually be contained inside or connected to it in some way. But this has again become digital.

A link to the relevant guides and information can be provided, or it might be linked via a QR code. With fewer guides and manuals included, this also helps to cut down on the number of materials needed.

Packaging with more artistic flair

It’s often the case today that packaging is a little less utilitarian or strictly functional than in the past. There’s no more space for creative flair and that’s something that’s definitely noticeable when you browse store shelves.

There’s often more flair and more money spent on design and art than there was in the past. This helps to make products more visually engaging and helps to draw in new customers for the first time as well. It’s definitely a welcome change and one that we’ve seen progressively develop over the last few years.

Falling costs with rolls stock packaging

There are lots of improvement implementations to manufacturing processes. Many of these are starting to make it cheaper and easier to design. That’s obviously beneficial to businesses that are looking to keep costs under control.

You can head to to find out more about roll stock packaging and how it makes packaging cheaper and easier to produce for many businesses. These kinds of changes are particularly useful for small businesses with less spending power. Many of them are already experiencing the benefits of these new systems.

Higher quality standards

Standards and quality control obviously matter when it comes to the product itself. Only recently have more care and attention been paid to the standards of quality. There are more checks and balances and generally an expectation that packaging will meet high standards of quality.

It also helps businesses protect their products and face fewer replacements and refunds in the future. As more products are now direct to the customer than ever before, high-quality packaging and protection during transit are vital.

Additional samples within the packaging

One more thing that we’ve started to see more of recently is companies promoting their other products or complementary products in their packages. It’s a form of upselling. It encourages customers to consider adding extra items to their shopping carts before checking out. It’s also common for samples to come with the product you’re buying in some cases. Depending on the product, it can be relatively easy to incorporate samples into packages.

There are plenty of changes that are currently sweeping across a range of industries when it comes to packaging. Some companies push the boundaries further than others when it comes to change. As a result, they’re the ones that the others will eventually follow. There will, of course, be further changes in the future.

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