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Outside of the local channels, is there any way to watch more TV for free? Even when looking at some of the cable alternatives out there, it’s clear just how expensive it can be to get access to the shows that you want to watch. However, there are some options that are not only cheaper, but they might not cost you a thing.


While YouTube might not have as many TV shows as, for instance, Netflix or Amazon Prime, that doesn’t mean that it has none. For one, a lot of people use the site to archive TV shows and movies that might have aged enough to become public domain. There are, of course, people who will use video hosting websites to host TV shows that they don’t have a right to share. You won’t necessarily get in trouble for watching content that has been made accessible on YouTube as the legal burden is usually on the person who shares or broadcasts it, but it’s best to play it safe.

Internet protocol TV

IPTV is a relatively recent option that uses your internet connection to connect you directly to TV stations that are normally provided for free or through a cable subscription. It’s worth noting that not all IPTV options are free. Some of them are premium packages that will charge you a fee to keep watching. Check out this beginner’s guide to IPTV to make sure you’re sticking to only the free options. Be sure to make sure that your IPTV provider is legally licensed to provide you with the content that they offer, as well.

Use those free trials

When it comes to internet streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, and the like, then most of them are paid. However, some of them do have either free trials that you can sign up to or, in the case of Crunchyroll, entirely free versions that have a more limited library of content and will play ads during your streamed content. Some people will create multiple email addresses to gain access to multiple free trials as well. However, if you are discovered doing this, you can get a blanket ban from the streaming service, so it’s best not to.

Free streaming TV sites

They might not be as widespread or quite as popular as the more premium streaming services. However, free streaming services do exist. However, if you’re using these services, then you should know what to expect. You’re not likely to be getting the latest series or box sets of the most prestigious shows around. There are more shows that you might not be very familiar with, but this could be your opportunity to find a few new favorites, as well. There’s nothing to lose by checking them out, at least.

Simply put, there is more free video and TV content out there than ever before. Just make sure that you’re paying close attention to any deal that comes your way, as some of the less legal options might do their best to appear “above board.”

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