Getting glasses? Choosing the right frames for your face


Dealing with impaired vision is already no fun, so why not deal with it in style? The truth is there are loads of lovely frames available on the market. But, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right ones? Choosing a pair of specs that don’t fit your face so well can end up deemphasizing your attractive features. It can also draw attention to your not-so-attractive features. What do you do?

We’re bringing you some tips on how to choose the right frames for your face. It does not matter if your face is heart-shaped, oval-shaped, square-shaped, or downright oblong. You’re going to need all “four” of your eyes to take in this information, so let’s get started.

Glasses for various face shapes

Heart-shaped faces

Faces of the lovey-dovey variety are widest at the top and then taper down towards the bottom. You can choose from a wide range of frames and avoid oversized or boast loud designs or colors. You’ll want to select bottom-heavy frames or frames with more detail on the bottom. This is because you’ve more going on on the top half of your face.

Frames with low-set temples will also draw the eye more towards your chin. Therefore, it will add some width to the narrowest part of your face. Top-heavy frames or frames with a lot of brow details will emphasize your forehead and create a visual imbalance. As for the shape of the frames themselves, go with round or square ones with curved edges. Frames that are too blocky will overwhelm your face and clash with its natural softness.

Square-shaped faces

Square-shaped faces are exactly what they sound like, with a broader forehead and robust and horizontal-shaped jaw. Your best bet for square face shapes is purchasing a round, soft frame with gentle curves. If you’re adamant about picking rectangular frames, choose ones that are a bit thinner. It creates an imbalance with too many angles. Oval-shaped frames look optimal, as they balance your natural angles quite well. You’ll also want to choose frames that sit high on the nose bridge to add balance and length. If you’d like to thin or elongate your face, select wider frames compared to the broadest part of your face.

Oval-shaped faces

If you have an oval-shaped face, you’re lucky. With the ideal face shape, but you choose from the widest selection of frames that will look great on you. You’ll be frantic to choose a pair that doesn’t. Oval-shaped faces have a geometrical shape, with high, angular cheekbones, a jawline with a slight curve that’s a bit thinner than the forehead. Keep in mind when choosing frames that are over size that these kinds of glasses will throw off your face’s natural balance. Furthermore, try to avoid narrow frames. Pick ones that are as wide or slightly wider than mid-face, which is usually the broadest.

Diamond-shaped faces

As the rarest of face shapes, diamond-shaped faces are narrowest at the forehead and chin and have high, broad cheekbones. Your face is already striking on its own. Adding a pop of color or detail to your frames will enhance your natural features. Frames that highlight the brow, such as cat-eye glasses, can add balance and soften your angles, too. Rimless frames are an understated choice that can soften your angles. In comparison, oval or rectangle frames will contrast well with your face shape. However, look out for boxy or narrow frames, as they’ll emphasize the width of your cheekbones. They will also highlight the thinner parts of your face instead of de-emphasizing them.

Now that you know a little more about which shapes go together let’s talk briefly about color. Choosing colored frames can be a fun and simple way to play up your natural complexion. There are two types of skin tone categories: warm and cool. Warm skin tones are yellow, golden, or bronze, while cool skin tones are pink or bluish. People with warm skin tones should steer clear of black, white, and pastel frames. Alternative frame color recommendations are gold, brown, honey, beige, olive green, and tortoise-shell. Those with cool skin tones will look great in gray, purple, blue, pink, black, silver, mauve, and dark tortoise-shell frames. Warmer, brighter colors can wash out your complexion, so try to avoid choosing those.

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