Steak ‘n Shake to close 57 stores, citing financial losses due to coronavirus

Steak 'n Shake
Drivers line up in the drive thru to order at a Steak 'n Shake restaurant in Overland, Missouri on Tuesday. Steak 'n Shake has announced that it will permanently close 57 restaurants after net sales continue to drop. The company blamed losses on the closing of dining rooms because of the pandemic. (Bill Greenblatt/UPI photo)

SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (UPI) — Steak ‘n Shake’s parent company announced Tuesday that it will close 57 stores following financial losses it attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In its first-quarter earnings report, Biglari Holdings Inc. said it will close 51 Steak ‘n Shake restaurants it owns as well as six franchises after net sales fell 37 percent, or $61 million, in comparison to the same time in 2019.

“The COVID-19 pandemic had an adverse effect on our restaurant operations, thereby resulting in the evaluation of company-operated restaurants for recoverability,” the company said.

Many Steak ‘n Shake locations remained open for takeout, drive-thru and delivery throughout the pandemic but the company expressed concern that the pandemic could cause disruptions in its supply chain.

“We cannot predict how the outbreak of COVID-19 will alter the future demand of our products,” the company said.

Reporting by Daniel Uria

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