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This is 2019 and you are trying to adopt every latest technology to make the maximum amount of traffic reach your WordPress blog. You might be having a personal WordPress blog or maybe you have been designated to create blogs for the organization where you work. You may have also decided to convert your website to WordPress. Whatever be your reason for writing a blog you will always try to attract a good amount of traffic to your blog.

Increasing the followers of a WordPress blog is not a bed of roses and there are certain techniques for that. Choosing any topic and writing a blog on it is very easy but to make it popular among the mass is indeed a difficult thing to do. The effectiveness or success of a blog post is determined by the reach of that blog. WordPress is a great place to write blogs and publish them. It is also the launchpad for reaching out to the interested mass. If you are thinking of ways to increase the reach of your WordPress blog post, the following suggestions can help you. Know of ways by which you will be able to drive more authentic traffic to your WordPress blog post.

A creative title

A catchy title is always a great way to attract the attention of the readers. A unique and creative title will make the blog post seem to be an interesting read for the visitors. The title is the preface to the content of the blog. If it is attractive, half the work is done. The first impression is created by the title and if it is a good one, the audience will want to go through your content for sure.

You should be regular with your content posting

Your WordPress blog should be active. You can do this by posting content regularly. Good quality and freshly brewed content are always in demand. This is done to engage the audience and retain their level of interest. The audience will visit the page every day and even share your blogs with their acquaintances. Thus, the reach of the blog post is automatically increased. Regular posting also helps in making the traffic come back every time for more and read other posts as well.

Correct use of keywords

The WordPress posts will gain proper momentum if the keywords used are relevant and match the search engine queries. The appropriate placing of the keywords in the blog plays a very important role to drive the traffic. Involving in a good amount of keyword research before the WordPress blog post is written is also a good habit to attract the mass. Google is a great source to know the right keywords. There are also keyword planners who can help in this purpose. The keywords can then be optimized to make the WordPress post reach the desired rank and the maximum number of audiences.

Take the help of the publicize tools to share the post on social media

Every WordPress dashboard gives the option to the users to make use of the Publicize tool, which helps in sharing the content on Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, Path, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media. This will guarantee the reach of the content to a huge audience.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

SEO is the most important tool nowadays for enhancing optimal visibility of the content, especially when you want to convert website to WordPress. Improving SEO is essential for increasing traffic to the website. The basic thing that can be done to enhance the SEO is setting up the blog privacy setting.  

Pay for the traffic

If you are interested to walk the extra mile to increase traffic to your website, you can start investing money to promote the blogs. You can start taking the help of StumbleUpon or PR Newswire. StumbleUpon helps to target the web audience by gender, age or location. With the help of these applications, the blogs get integrated with almost every medium the reader is already visiting. This is known as native advertising. PR Newswire helps to publish the blog content to reach a huge web audience.

Utilizing the about page

Every WordPress blog post has an about page. Here, you get the freedom to write down everything about your blog post. This place is also the platform where the promotion of the blog post can take place. The audience also gets attracted by this page. When the audience gets proper information, especially the ones with which they can relate, they will show more interest in the posts as well as the content at large. You can also hire a WordPress designer to make the best use of the WordPress themes to make the posts look attractive and interesting.

Attracting maximum traffic is the main target of every writer. When it is a WordPress blog, the above points can be considered for increasing visibility. 

Brandon Graves is an expert WordPress web designer at HireWPGeeks, a well-known web development company. He specializes in creating and Convert Website to WordPress and loves to read and write about all things related to the open-source platform. Follow him on Twitter to receive updates about all his latest posts.

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