How watches are still functional in a smartphone era


The 21st-century lifestyle is all about the latest technologies and gadgets! It is all about simplifying life by making the best use of technology. Hence, for a while, people did go out of the habit of wearing a watch. It was because they could check the time on their smartphone device. But as the famous adage goes, “Old is gold,” most people are getting back to the habit of wearing a watch. And the reasons for this are varied and interesting. The important ones are as follows:

Designer watches add to your persona

It is indeed easy and simple to check the time from a Smartphone! But the charm and style of sporting your best watch is unmatched with that ease. If you have a penchant for watches, you would prefer to wear a watch than checking the time on your mobile. Also today, international watch brands are introducing attractive watches in chronographs, fashion, and digital watches. When you decide to wear a watch, you get to sport a classic watch dial by your choicest brand within your budget. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Casio Singapore.

It is a classy accessory for casual and formal occasions

A watch that’s carefully selected and worn with class never took away from anyone’s appurtenance or style! Instead, a watch adds to your overall persona. Whether you are attending a corporate business seminar or at a friend’s wedding reception, you can always choose a watch that complements your look and attire. It is a stylish accessory that you can wear and flaunt the way you want.

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It is a great gift option

A watch is also a perfect gift option. You can give it to a friend on his/her birthday or to your loved one to express your love. It’s a gift that will last for a long time and is worth cherishing as well.

It helps to start a conversation

There are times when two unknown watch lovers can start a discussion based on their love for watches. Usually, watch lovers research about multiple brands and their history. That makes up for a good conversation starter to another like-minded person. And gradually, the conversation can develop into a close association as well. Every watch brand has its unique story that is worth sharing through discussions.

Watches are sturdier than your smartphone

You might have the best and expensive Smartphone device, but it is more delicate than your watch. Mobiles develop scratches and break faster than a watch. Hence, investing in a watch is a better option than a mobile phone. Also, you can pass on a watch as a family heirloom which can get treasured by your forthcoming generations. Also, it is easy to get a watch repaired than repairing a Smartphone device.

You can also alternate your watch straps that can make your watch dial look brand new! These are some of the best reasons for which you can stick to wearing your choicest watch brand instead of using the mobile to check the time. Also, take time to choose a watch and match it with your attire, to ensure it adds to your overall persona and appearance.

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