TRAVEL GUIDE: Travelling to Scottsdale for business? How your trip can be comfortable

Aerial view of Old Town Scottsdale. (Experience Scottsdale/Scottsdale Tourism Board/City of Scottsdale courtesy photo)

A business trip takes you from a casual traveler to someone who spends most of their time in the air. Go on enough business and you might even get upgraded to your airline’s frequent flyer program. If you spend most of your time away from home on business, you might as well try to enjoy it.

Depending on the company, you may occasionally take business trips to Scottsdale, Arizona. Here are some tips to get the most of your trip with sacrificing comfort.

Get the most out of your hotel stay

No matter where you travel, there are plenty of hotel options. This is especially true in Scottsdale, which has a booming local economy. You can get the most out of your hotel stay by looking for discounts, offerings of a free continental breakfast, available upgrades and additional perks.

Choosing a hotel in close proximity to the airport may be helpful since most business travelers choose to stay in hotels downtown. There is a more likely chance of receiving free upgrades, thus saving more money.

Consider food and dining options when choosing your hotel. Most hotels usually have lounges that provide free dinners to executives and business professionals. If not, find a hotel in close proximity to dining establishments.

Ask the hotel you’re booking if they offer any programs such as automatic upgrades, free stays, suites and other perks. Some of these may be features of an incentive program and may require the use of a credit cart to join. Depending on the program and the frequency of your stays in hotels owned by a specific chain could determine if an incentive program is worth it.

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Consider booking your room online. With the Internet evolving as it has in the price comparison market, it could leave your head spinning. Depending on the hotel, they may offer free night stays and discounts.

In the case of Scottsdale, one of the city’s most popular hotels for business travelers is the Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows, owned by Hyatt. The Andaz Scottsdale offers most of these features and has helped making business travel more relaxing with bungalow rooms, art-filled retreats and a top-class fitness center and spa

Wear your best sweatshirt

The weather in Arizona can often be unpredictable most of the time. One minute, you could be in business casual attire. Then, you’re in a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants in a sudden temperature drop.

Yes — I said that correctly — you may have to bring a sweatshirt should the temperature all of sudden drops into the 40s to low 60s. The comfort and versatility of wearing a sweatshirt cannot be beat. It can be helpful if the temperature in the airplane gets too cold as well.

Some people are not sweatshirt people — and that’s understandable. You can always bring a cardigan or a jacket to make you more comfortable.

Opt for a layover (if possible)

Depending on how flights are set up from your local airport, you can make a direct flight to Scottsdale. That may not be an option for smaller airports, so there is likely a layover involved.

For those flying from direct flight airports, perhaps considering make a layover or two. Chances are higher for receiving free upgrades and enable you to squeeze some extra vacation time, which is important for a frequent business traveler wanting to have some time to themselves before “getting their business on.”

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Be sure to check the policies of your airline, as some airlines have a 24-hour layover policy, meaning you should be able to schedule your meetings in between and return to the airport on time without having to stay the night in a hotel or book a separate flight.

Sanitize and supplement

It’s important to stay healthy while traveling. It is crucially important if you’re cross-country flying and potentially experiencing a bit of jet lag.

Be sure to pack some sanitizer or disinfectant in your carry-on bag and take a supplement to help with support of your immune system, like Airborne.

Stick to a regular exercise regimen, drink plenty of water, follow your regular evening routine and taking vitamin C can help you stay healthy.

Consider your timing

Sleeping while flying can be difficult and is sometimes not worth the hassle. Arrive as early as possible and work on the flight. After you land, you can get a solid meal and a good night’s sleep in preparation for the next day.

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