Harley Davidson prepared to rent electric motorcycles to commuters

Harley Davidson

Commuting: the bane of working people’s lives. Heading to work may be difficult enough on a Monday morning, but when you are faced with a lengthy commute stuck in a packed carriage, pressed up against others with no personal space (and that’s if you manage to get onto the train or bus in the first place), it’s easy to feel filled with dread. You don’t get paid for this time and it’s something that you’re going to have to engage with for an average of five days a week, every week.

It’s not all too surprising that many people opt to drive to work. At least when you have your own vehicle, you have space and the comfort of air conditioning. But driving comes with its own set of issues.

You can often end up in head to tail traffic, especially during rush hour. A relatively short journey can end up taking an extended period of time. This is exhausting and costly. So, what’s the solution?

Increasing numbers of people are considering riding motorcycles. There are plenty of benefits that come hand in hand with commuting via motorcycle and Harley Davidson, the name that the majority of us associate with motorcycles, are offering an even easier means of getting on the seat of one at a relatively low cost.

Electric bike rental

Many major cities, perhaps most notably London, have installed systems that allow people to rent bikes to be able to get from A to B. They can pick up a cycle for a small fee and ride it where they need to go, then park it up and not worry all too much about it again.

Harley Davidson are taking this type of scheme a step further. The major brand are considering renting electric motorbikes, referred to as “E-bikes” to commuters travelling through congestion zones. This is a dramatic step that really could become a reality – after all, the brand unveiled two electric bike concepts in January.

While the bikes are motorbikes, they have a more lightweight and slim design than more traditional models of the Harley. They also don’t have traditional clutch and gear controls. But they would be perfect for riding around inner city areas and are much more eco-friendly than various other means of getting to work in the mornings or home in the evenings.


Of course, to be able to ride a motorcycle of any kind, you do need relevant licensing. You will need to take tests and gain a permit, in a similar way to how you would if you were to be driving a car. After all, you need to be able to operate the vehicle responsibly and understand the rules of the road to be able to drive safely. If you’d like to learn more about this, check out this test guide.

The benefits of commuting by motorcycle

So, why is riding a motorcycle any better an option than driving a car? Well, when you ride a motorcycle, you are able to weave through traffic. While cars tend to have to stay in traffic jams, motorcycles are slim enough to weave between the traffic that is stuck in lanes or down the gap between static vehicles. Just be careful when doing this. People could open their door or move to switch lanes with little or no notice and you don’t want to be knocked off your bike.

If you were to rent a motorcycle in a scheme similar to that proposed by Harley Davidson, you also wouldn’t have to worry about parking to the same extent that you might if you were driving a car. Parking spaces in central areas are in high demand. You would simply be able to drop the bike of to an allocated or designated spot. You needn’t circle the car park endlessly, potentially being late into your workplace.

Commuting is never likely to be the highlight of your day. But if there’s a means of making the period between leaving your home and entering your office a little faster or more pleasant, why not take it into consideration?

Sure, public transport and driving a car can get you from A to B, you may experience delays that make you late, you may feel uncomfortable or have to stand the whole journey, and you may be feeling sick and tired of the entire process.

Riding a motorcycle could provide you with a faster, cheaper, and more effective means of getting to work. Investing in your own motorcycle isn’t necessarily going to be the best, or even a feasible, option for everyone. But renting one could prove convenient.

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