How a staycation could be better for your family

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Everyone who has a busy lifestyle, juggling work, family life, and the rest of their responsibilities, should be entitled to a break. It’s proven that a change of scene is enough to boost your mood and well-being, and some time away to relax and have fun will be a positive impact on your health.

It’s about time that people started to prioritize a vacation with their loved ones so that they have plenty to look forward to, as well as the opportunity for some respite. However, many package holidays, trips overseas and any getaway that involves a flight can be very expensive.

This is often the reason that families only take a break every so often. It’s time to start looking a little closer to home; staycations are growing in popularity everywhere and are an affordable way to enjoy quality time away, but not too far away.

Making the most of a staycation gives you flexibility, as you won’t be tied down to flights and set times. You’ll also be able to enjoy a few more, as you’ll save cash in comparison to a more traditional vacation.

They can take a little planning, creativity, and thought, but once you’re in the swing of it, you’ll find it to be a fun part of the whole experience. You can begin to enjoy your adventure with your family before you’ve even left, as everyone can pitch in and get involved.

The following are some ideas, advice, and inspiration for those with busy lives, who want the best break with those they love the most, without stepping foot on a plane:

Make the journey part of the fun

The words “road trip” can spark joy with most kids and perhaps a little trepidation with their parents. However, as long as you’ve prepared thoroughly for the journey ahead, there’s no reason that getting to your chosen destination can’t be one of the best parts of your trip.

Start with your car or mode of transport, whether you need to pop in to your local Chevrolet dealer or other dealership to ensure your vehicle can do the job or it’s simply a case of hiring a mechanic to give your car a thorough check, it’ll be worth the effort.

Making sure that your ride has plenty of stamina, the tires are going to last and nothing is likely to fail on the open road will give you peace of mind. You won’t be calling out roadside assistance because of a breakdown. Double check your insurance policy too, as you might be going a little off the beaten track, so you’ll need to ensure that you’re covered for every eventuality.

It’s time to stock-up. Snacks, comfort, and good music are all part and parcel of a successful road trip with your family, regardless of how old your children are.

Little ones might benefit from a movie or two on the iPad, but try an involve each passenger in a game of I Spy or singing along to the radio. Make sure you plan your route well so that you can take plenty of breaks.

You’ll discover new places along the way, and you can make the most of any beautiful scenery as you sit and eat your sandwiches. The trip really will start as soon as you’ve left your driveway, so it’s worth preparing where you’re going and how much you’re going to pull over, or stop to explore (or just take a bathroom break and eat something).

Enjoy the simple things

Your destination will ultimately determine the sort of staycation you’ll be enjoying. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the point is to spend quality time with the family and save some money in the meantime.

Don’t put too much emphasis on expensive trips or activities when you get there. Of course, if there’s a theme park or an activity that the whole family will love, you can budget for that day and make the most of it.

Choose relaxation and enjoying simple pleasures over high-octane experiences. Take a pack of cards or some board games and make the most of the peace and quiet.

When you’ve been overwhelmed by technology and a hectic lifestyle back at home, stripping things back will ensure that this adventure benefits your mental and physical health.

Take that book you’ve been meaning to read for a while, and if your family enjoy the outdoors, pack your walking boots so that you can really make the most of your surroundings.

A bat and a ball can provide hours of fun and your kids will appreciate some quality time with you (yes, really). Wherever you choose to go, keep it fairly close and inexpensive so that your staycation is a relaxing experience from the get-go.

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