Melbourne’s Tran Siu in attendance as Melbourne Chinatown Precinct Association fundraiser a huge success

PARKVILLE, Victoria, Australia (Heartland Newsfeed) — A July 12 fundraising dinner co-sponsored by The Children’s Bioethics Centre Development Board (CBCDB) and the Melbourne Chinatown Precinct Association Inc. (CPA) was held at Shark Finn Restaurant in Melbourne, with several notable personalities such as Tran Siu, Peter Collina and Nyssa Large, who made news for having partied with Justin Bieber during his recent visit to Melbourne and the famous Harvard University Krokodiloes, a singing group that has been active since 1946 that has made Melbourne part of their world tour for the past 16 years.

The successful event raised a considerable amount for the Institute for the welfare of children with thanks to many generous guests. Additional thanks were given by CPA, citing that this was a very special event to them and they felt great about putting together such a wonderful event in partnership with CBCDB and the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (RCHM) Foundation. This fundraising event will pave the way for future fundraisers to continue the mission to empower youth and children further.

The Children’s Bioethics Centre of the RCHM is known for its best-in-class facilities and their commitment to supporting children and their families in making the right health decisions with the aim to empower the rights and welfare of these people. The Centre is divided into four separate programs: education, clinical ethics, guidelines and clinical procedures development and research. This department was established by the RCH Foundation and has the backing of RCHM.

The Children’s Bioethics Centre’s fundraising dinner was held in the respectful memory of the late Mr. Don Parsons ASPD, who was a reputable board member of the RCHM.

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