Wendell Pierce starts campaign to voice Cleveland on ‘Family Guy’

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Wendell Pierce/Twitter photo

LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Wendell Pierce said on Twitter that he is starting a campaign to voice the role of Cleveland on Fox animated comedy series Family Guy.

Mike Henry, a white actor who portrayed Cleveland for 20 years, recently stepped down from the role stating that a person of color should voice him.

“Now that Mike Henry has consciously given up the role of Cleveland, I am publicly starting a campaign to voice the role myself on The Cleveland Show. #WendellIsCleveland,” Pierce tweeted on Sunday.

The tweet earned 26,000 likes. Pierce is best known for appearing on The Wire, Selma and Suits.


Pierce mentioned The Cleveland Show despite the Family Guy spinoff series getting canceled in 2013 after four seasons. Cleveland, a black character, continues to appear on Family Guy.

Other celebrities also threw their name in to voice Cleveland including Avengers star Don Cheadle who responded to Pierce.

“*Conscientiously. Sorry Wendell. You bobbled it. That means I’m in! Hit me up, @SethMacFarlane,” Cheadle tweeted, tagging Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

Reporting by Wade Sheridan

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