FACT OR FICTION: Could racing games make you a better driver?

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So many people in today’s society play video games. Some of these games are related to racing and car sports. If you’re a car racing fanatic, you may have a virtual steering wheel. You can really get into the zone when playing, but are these games going to help make you a better driver? 

It’s believed that certain driving games can indeed give you a bigger awareness and focus of the road. A sufficiently realistic game should test and build up your reactions and reflexes that can be translated when you’re actually driving.

In more realistic games like the Gran Turismo series, you’ll learn much more about driving. This includes the logistics of learning how to get a better grasp on how cars react to steering, braking, and acceleration. It may also teach you about changes to the traction.

There will be a few real-life things that simulators won’t be able to emulate such as car crashes and motorcycles and other hazards. Hazards do still exist in car games. As a driver, you must always be on the ball in terms of other drivers and drive assuming nobody else knows how to.

Can it improve the way I react if I play racing games?

Well, this depends. Some racing simulations will not allow you to get a proper feel for G-force and tire traction. Other games will allow you to feel a force or shudder in the wheel if you are using your own steering wheel. There have been tests for years into how car games can help you as a driver. With increased situational awareness and improved reaction time, it could help give you awareness on the road as applied to real life.

The ability to make faster on-the-fly decisions will assist you if someone should come running into the road or runs a red light. Racing games have so many benefits to them because your goal is not to crash, to stay away and to win a race.

However, we are not racing on real roads. That being said, the focus and vigilance should give you an improved outlook on the road.  

A lot of these games are more realistic than ever before. They can even replicate cracks in the pavement. They can also capture, down to the millimeter, every curve, bump, rumble strip, and railing. If you’re buying into new racing games, there are ways in which they can be used to adapt to real-life. 

How do video games in general effectively assist my life?

Improves coordination

This can help you out when driving on the road, coordinating gears. 

Improves problem-solving skills

if you see a hazard up ahead or you believe you need a tire change, you can work out the best way to go about doing this. 


Enhances memory. Improves attention and concentration. 

Great learning source

You can learn how certain cars work, how the engines work, and different ways in which a car can be used.

Improves brain speed

You need a good reaction speed if you’re in a car and you also need to expect the unexpected. 

Enhances multitasking skills

Although we shouldn’t multitask while driving, you could say that turning on the indicator light or windshield wipers is multi-tasking. 

Improves social skills

it can also give you something to talk about and to educate others on car safety.

All can adapt to the road and your life as a driver. If you’re a new driver and only play racing games, now is your chance to start proving your skills. As a new or learner driver, playing certain car games can assist. It’s best to steer clear of the games focusing purely on speed. Look into games that focus on the car and learn the art of driving and racing sensibly. 

So if you’re a keen racer, then be sure to make notes of the information and skills you’re learning and being able to put into practice and also use this time during quarantine to practice your driving skills when you’re unable to take to the roads again. Although you will soon enough, ensuring your skills are still up to date will be very wise!

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