Pittsburgh breaks 130-year record for highest temperature

Temperatures in Pittsburgh broke a 130-year record Saturday, climbing to a high of 70 degrees recorded at Pittsburgh International Airport. (NWS Pittsburgh image)

PITTSBURGH (UPI) — Pittsburgh broke a 130-year record for highest temperature on record for the date on Saturday.

The high temperature recorded at Pittsburgh International Airport was 70 degrees, according to WTAE in Pittsburgh.

The previous record high was 68, set in 1890.

A normal high for mid-January in Pittsburgh is 36 degrees, with a normal low around 21 degrees.

The balmy temperatures were attributed to warm air from southerly winds above a storm system. The National Weather Service in Pittsburgh also issued a wind advisory for its entire region Saturday.

The temperature is expected to drop sharply by Sunday, with a forecast high of 48.

Reporting by Christen McCurdy

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