Four things to learn when road tripping through the Deep South

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There are destinations aplenty in the US, which is why it’s an incredible place to staycation. While the Europeans might have a continent on their doorstep, we have a nation that is diverse as any other on the planet. One moment you’re in liberal LA or New York and the next you’re in the heart of hillbilly country.

The variety is astonishing, and it’s what makes the Deep South a tourist hot spot. Fellow Americans don’t believe everything they hear can be true, so they go off on a road trip in search of an adventure.

Here are just some of the things you learn while road tripping in the south:

Traffic is different

Los Angeles natives aren’t bothered by traffic. Once you have been stuck in rush hour traffic in the City of Angels, there isn’t much that will disturb you. The same goes for New Yorkers too. Traffic in the Deep South is different though. Instead of thousands of cars, there are big SUVs and 4X4s and 18-wheelers. As a result, they are collisions that occur on a regular basis. You might need help after a semi-truck accident if you’re unlucky. It’s always best to stick to the speed limit and give plenty of space to the vehicles in front, behind and to the sides.

Guns are real

People from the coasts might see this is a bad thing but it’s a nuanced argument. Deep South residents love their guns because it’s a constitutional right and they want to protect themselves and their family. Most people can understand this even if the attitudes towards them aren’t the same. So, don’t freak out and assume a person is a psycho because they’re packing. In places like Texas and Alabama, the ones who aren’t carrying are sketchy.

The food is special

Veggies and vegans might want to stop reading here because the Deep South doesn’t do non-meat dishes. There might be a few yet they aren’t commonplace. It’s all about ribs and steaks and fried chicken covered in sauces dripping from head to toe. And, it’s out of this world. Wherever you are, try and eat as many dishes as possible because there is a wide range. From Creole to Cajun to Cuban and Mexican, y’all have to try it as food is a staple of the south. Yep, that even goes for catfish no matter how unappetizing it sounds and looks!

It’s easy to judge

You’ll want to judge it as there are things which aren’t the same. Politically incorrect statements still exist and it’s hard to hear at times. Guns are everywhere and so is the death penalty. You might spot a Confederate flag or two. But, before you jump to conclusions, it’s worth remembering its past and how it affected the locals. Residents might not be liberals and their policies might be conservative, yet they aren’t monsters. The region as a whole is a stunning area that houses good, sincere people.

Once you go, you can honestly say you’ll never see another place like it again.

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