What impact does artificial intelligence have in digital marketing?

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a sponsored content post regarding artificial intelligence and its impact on digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), also known as machine intelligence (MI), was established as an academic discipline back in 1956. Due to the fantastic advances that technology has today, the AI has become a necessary part of the technology industry and assisted in solving problems in the field of computer science.

So far, a sentient AI has wormed its way into the world of digital marketing. In this day and age, when technology has been steadily on the rise for more than a decade, company’s have been able to widen their reach of consumers to other countries and build stronger connection than what they previously had before. Artificial Intelligence has also been a great help for business to business (B2B) since this has enabled them to connect with other companies for them to sell their products while building a strong relationship with their customers.

Many businesses have turned to digital marketing as their marketing tool to sell and advertise their products and services to their customers. Everyone has gone digital and, therefore, this makes it easier for businesses to connect with their consumers.

There are some social media platforms that businesses use to market their products and services. For example, anywhere their current and potential consumers are, as long as they have their mobiles phones on hand, the business is already selling.

A sentient AI learns by analyzing various data. There are marketers today that are using AI to increase their conversate rate optimization (CRO) and produce a highly personalized website. When you log on to or visit a website, the AI will be able to gather the data it needs such as your general location, the device you are using, demographics, and interactions you have in the website. A sentient AI will be able to use the gathered information and show consumers the contents that matches the data it analyzed.

Since AI has behavioral personalization, consumers will have the convenience of being able to receive push notifications tailored to what they want.

Marketers have also integrated an AI to chat boxes, specifically in the customer service part of the business. The chances are high that the “person” you are talking to, whose name can be either Jen or Emma or some other average name, is an AI. These AI’s can respond to consumers and answer their questions appropriately is because they can detect patterns and repetitive issues which enables them to identify the cause of the consumer’s problem.

Having a sentient AI has been good for business owners since they can transact their business with consumers and other businesses smoothly. AI has enabled business owners to connect with their consumers and business partners in a more personalized way. Consumers can easily find what they are looking for if the content is tailored to fit what want. If they like what the business has to offer them, then they come back. If a consumer comes back, they usually bring potential consumers. There are major companies that have already integrated AI into their systems and have reported to have an increase in ROI. The investment in AI is likely to increase sometime in 2018.

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