March 28, 2023 10:16 pm CDT

The Best of The Bad Crypto Podcast: Travis Gets Hacked – Episode #041

We're sharing our best shows from the last five years as Joel and Travis take a break from broadcasting new content for the crypto curious and the crypto serious. In 2017, Travis experienced a cell phone SIM hack perpetrated by security vulnerabilities at his wireless carrier, social engineering, and use of technology know-how to execute the nefarious hack. 
Your cell phone number is more public and connected to more private, personal information than your social security number. To protect yourself from potential attacks, be sure to enable two-factor authentication on all of your email, banking, and social media accounts and store your cryptocurrency moonbags on cold storage wallets. In Episode #633, we had guest Haseeb Awan of Efani share their unswappable SIM technology and encourage listeners to revisit that episode. We have a SPECIAL OFFER of one month of Efani phone service FREE to Bad Crypto Podcast listeners. SHOW NOTES:
00:00 - Intro - Warning, explicit content as Travis expresses his feelings about getting hacked. 
02:40 - Bad Crypto voicemails - we answer listeners’ questions, but Do Your Own Research and Not Financial Advice
08:20 - Top News Stories, dated October 25, 2017
16:16 There are some ICOs that are not really that awesome. If they look like a shitcoin, and they smell like one, don’t invest in it. Blockchain is going to be a major industry disrupter. 
17:43 - James Altuchair, author of Cryptocurrency 101, says he thinks cryptocurrencies are the biggest innovation since the Internet. We are on the ground floor of an enormous trend that is going to change the world. 
19:38 - Travis hypothesizes on the tokenization of natural resources. 
23:22 - Feature story: Travis gets hacked
23:30 - Travis noticed his iPhone didn’t have cell phone service, only WiFi. Alerts for an Apple ID passcode were popping up, followed by a text message from a T-Mobile representative. 
24:45 - Skype call to T-Mobile for assistance. The hacker circumvented Travis’ passcode and his PIN. Convinced the representative via social engineering to SIM swap Travis’ account. 
26:20 What’s the resolution to this situation? 
31:40 - Remove your cryptocurrency from exchanges to cold storage. 
34:16 - Some vengeance was had; Travis found the hacker via the “Find My iPhone” device location connectivity on the hacker’s phone.
35:49 - I was the Global Digital Strategist for Semantic for the Norton Brand. I know how to operate safely online and I did all the right things. The weakest link in my security aside from not having 2FA on my Apple ID and Gmail accounts, was the account representative at T-Mobile susceptible to human engineering. 
37:12 - I would love to hear their CEO at T-Mobile to speak on this security issue. But here’s the lesson, lock down your stuff, use two-factor authentication at all times.
37:46 - Would it be safe to say the FBI would be interested in looking at what this person did? I believe there’s at least one felony count in what this person did. 
38:17 - What if this person emails you and owns up to it, and has some sort of promise to never do this again? It would be nice to see somebody set straight before they were arrested. 
38:36 - Go ahead and email us at badcryptopodcast@gmailcom; maybe if you show some remorse, all this evidence I have against you won’t be shared to the authorities. All this bad karma comes back around to you, dude. 
39:20 - If some of these people would just use their skills to do good in the world, imagine how much better off we would be. 
40:00 - Lock down your social media accounts to a reasonable amount of security and data sharing with these companies. Turn on your 2FA for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. 
40:22 - If you’re in crypto and you're not securing things with 2FA, you’re in for some heartache. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. One of the best solutions is to maybe actually get a burner phone and a pre-paid SIM card and you don’t give that number to anyone and you use it solely for 2FA on that device.
41:50 - Outro
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DISCLAIMER:Do your own due diligence and research. Joel Comm and Travis Wright are NOT FINANCIAL ADVISORS. We are sharing our journey with you as we learn more about this crazy little thing called cryptocurrency. We make NO RECOMMENDATIONS. Don't take anything we say as gospel. Do not come to our homes with pitchforks because you lost money by listening to us.
We only share with you what we are learning and what we are investing it. We will never "pump or dump" any cryptocurrencies. Take what we say with a grain of salt. You must research this stuff on your own! Just know that we will always strive for RADICAL TRANSPARENCY with any show associations.Support the show: https://badcryptopodcast.comSee for privacy information.

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