March 28, 2023 10:59 pm CDT

The Best of The Bad Crypto Podcast: John McAfee

We revisit our first interview with the legendary John McAfee with a replay of Episode #100 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. 
There is no one in the blockchain space more controversial than John McAfee. Once the founder of a software company that he now disowns, John has a rap sheet that’s longer than his biography. Some people love him. Some people hate him. And there’s probably a few people who don’t know who he is.
But you are about to embark on a journey into the mind of a true internet pioneer and blockchain enthusiast. The episode is rife with language and content which may offend your sensibilities. John said we could ask him absolutely anything, so we did. 
Tell your children to go play outside, because it’s the no-holds barred, completely raw and uncensored episode #100 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.  
04:38 - John McAfee on The Bad Crypto Podcast
05:40 - Everyone wants to know about your member and how you’re going to prepare it. 
06:30 - You know how the mining is working in Bitcoin, yes? 
08:10 - Is everything that is happening right now purely market manipulation suppression? Are there other forces at work? 
09:04 - Who benefits from chaos in the crypto market? Governments and banks. 
13:10 - The conversations being had in Washington, D.C. about the ways to view cryptocurrency. New companies involved in cryptocurrency are leaving the United States. What can we do as Americans to ensure all of this innovation doesn’t leave us with the placement of regulations? 
16:19 - You are regularly touting various coins on the Twitters. There are people who are accusing you of pumping and dumping stuff. Tackle the subject of coin promotion. 
19:30 - I do not want people - at my age - telling me what I can and cannot do with my own body and mind. My body my choice. 
20:18 - What scares me is the people who do not invest in cryptocurrency live like sheep. 
22:05 - Governments are salivating at the opportunity to release their own cryptocurrencies and continue the control of the populations. 
22:42 - Lambos are the worst goddman cars in the world. 
23:00 - Cryptocurrency does not belong to a country or government; it belongs to the individual, giving individuals the power to escape the prison we’ve been in for 2000 years. 
23:26 - No one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is. There is a really interesting white paper from 1996 on MIT that says, “how to make a mint”. From your perspective, do you think Satoshi Nakamoto was an entity or do you think it was potentially the NSA that created these cryptocurrencies? 
24:40 -  We had Tone Bez on the show who does technical analysis. He loves Bitcoin and like others says the other coins out there are scams. What do you think about this? 
28:43 - What has to happen for mass adoption of these blockchain technologies? How do we reach critical adoption when most people are sheep? 
29:50 - Lightning round of questions. 
31:26 - You had a great presentation in 2017 and talked about mobile phones and how they’re so treacherous. We know there are vulnerabilities in iOS and Android. I think what you said was really valuable for people to think about. What would you tell people about keeping their crypto on their mobile phones? 
35:06 - We know you are friends with Jihan. People want to know if you’re involved in crypto mining. 
37:58 - You’re building the McAfee Coin, right? On the Universa blockchain? Can you tell us about this? 
40:06 - How do you get new users? Take the wallet concept and throw it away… 
45:52 - One final question. You’ve dropped a lot of thought bombs. One of the things is that data is such a valuable resource now and blockchain is about securing data. What are your concerns about blockchain technology and its security? 
49:32 - Outro 
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DISCLAIMER:Do your own due diligence and research. Joel Comm and Travis Wright are NOT FINANCIAL ADVISORS. We are sharing our journey with you as we learn more about this crazy little thing called cryptocurrency. We make NO RECOMMENDATIONS. Don't take anything we say as gospel. Do not come to our homes with pitchforks because you lost money by listening to us.
We only share with you what we are learning and what we are investing it. We will never "pump or dump" any cryptocurrencies. Take what we say with a grain of salt. You must research this stuff on your own! Just know that we will always strive for RADICAL TRANSPARENCY with any show associations.Support the show: https://badcryptopodcast.comSee for privacy information.

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