June 6, 2023 9:06 am CDT

The Best of The Bad Crypto Podcast: Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple

This is a Best of Bad Crypto Podcast replay while Sir Lord Travis and Sir Lord Joel are on vacation. We harken back to Episode #067, which originally aired on January 3, 2018 with guest Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple. The price of Ripple at that time was around $0.80 to $0.90; now is it around $0.30. Right now in 2022, there is an SEC case against Ripple. We are interested in seeing the outcome of the SEC case and its impact on the cryptocurrency industry and its adoption. 
More than three billion people are now connected online. But the payment infrastructure is still stuck in the 20th century. The people at Ripple hope to change that by creating the world’s only enterprise system for global payments. 
And today, we welcome the CEO of Ripple.com, Brad Garlinghouse to the program. It’s a fascinating discussion about all things blockchain, as well as XRP, the cryptocurrency which has seen a rapid rise over the past month. 
Let’s dig in with the token that holds the #4 spot in crypto market cap by getting answers directly from the top.  It’s episode #67 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. 
FULL SHOW NOTES: http://badco.in/067
We also interviewed Ripple CTO David Schwartz in Episode #538 if you want more Ripple coverage. badco.in/538
00:00 - Intro
05:00 - The show has passed 1 million downloads (by episode #067; pretty decent!)
07:00 - Bad Crypto Inbox and Mail 
07:05 - How do I keep my crypto in cold storage safe from fire, natural disaster, theft, etc.? 
10:00 - I bought Bitcoin for Christmas presents, and now I don’t want to give it up. What do I do? 
11:32 - FEATURED GUEST - Brad Garlinghouse of Ripple
13:55 - Tell us about your background and what brought you to Ripple. 
15:10 - Travis and Brad have some things in common because they both attended the University of Kansas; Rock Chalk Jayhawk. What is your favorite Jayhawk moment? 15:50 - Ripple has a more centralized nature to it than other cryptocurrencies. What was the thought 
18:30 - Roger Ver just Tweeted something where he quoted Milton Freedman who said, “you should want more insider trading, not less” and tweeted at Bob Murphy Econ who said there shouldn’t even be an SEC. The context being what just happened recently with Bitcoin Cash being sprung onto Coinbase. What are your thoughts on that? 
19:50 - Let’s set a foundation here, just in case people don’t know what Ripple is. Can you explain what Ripple and XRP are, what does it do, and why does it have value? 
22:05 - I’ve traded with alot of cryptos, and I notice that Ripple and Stellar Lumens and BitShares are smoking fast with their transactions. The payments are so quick, and with some of the other blockchains their transaction speeds are not fast. Why is Ripple so fast when you come with these global payments? 
25:02 - Ripple has had an interesting ride the last couple of weeks, around 0.25 per token. The circulation on them is approaching 39 bln, but the total supply is closer to 100 bln. What is with the 55 bln in lock-up, in escrow? 
27:13 - Is that supply schedule public somewhere, because that would answer a lot of questions. 
28:00 - The coin, XRP, is that intended for day-to-day use by individuals to hold and trade, retail payments, or was it designed solely as a system to facilitate long distance fiat transfers for banks? 
30:00 - One of our earliest episodes, we interviewed Jedd McCaleb (an early founder of Ripple). Jedd was covering Stellar Lumens, which just announced a really big deal with IBM and people want to know when we are going to get the household name announcement from Ripple? 
32:11 - The value of XRP, how does it impact the Ripple protocol? Does the higher price of XRP reflect higher adoption or utilization? As Ripple increases in value, are those transaction costs going to increase like they did with Bitcoin? 
34:15 - No one has a crystal ball, but you get to speak with banks around the world. When do you see a complete flippening happening from fiat to crypto with mass adoption? 
36:30 - There are a lot of different banks in the world; do you see Wells Fargo, for example, making their own cryptos using the Ripple protocol, or do you see XRP being the coin used? 
37:57 - Would you follow the same premise with countries creating their own cryptocurrencies? 
38:52 - Speaking of yen, there is rumor Ripple is being used between Korean and Japanese banks. Is that just rumor or truth? 
39:35 - Three part question, but not even a statement, the question is inherent. The word is: Coinbase. 
40:11 - From a Bad Crypto Podcast Facebook Group member: Have you tried or do you like Cheddar Bacon Mac N Cheese Lays potato chips? 
40:27 - Is it a goal of the company to replace SWIFT as a payment mechanism? 
41:55 - There are some really cool tokens that are popping up, but it is very slow for them to get on the cryptocurrency exchanges. What are your experiences with getting listed on some of these changes and what are some of the costs associated with being listed? 
43:41 - Do you see the Fed eventually coming out with a coin or making certain crypto illegal to hold here in the United States? 
45:00 - With the value of the dollar falling, the real ponzi scheme some would say is fiat money. 
46:28 - Bitcoin was originally going to be the panacea for all digital assets. I think Bitcoin does solve a problem; it is a store of value, it is digital gold. 
47:18 - Where does B-Cash play into this, then? 
48:45 - Outro
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