March 30, 2023 10:34 pm CDT
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Is HEX Crypto a Scam? with Tom Gillespie

One of the most controversial figures in the crypto world is none other than Richard Heart. A former guest on this show, we found him to be quite likeable and knowledgeable. And yet the question remains, is the HEX token he created a scam? His community of followers, who call themselves Hexicans, would certainly say no. Others are more skeptical. Film-maker Tom Gillespie has gone down the HEX rabbit hole to learn more about Richard and his community in a new four-part documentary series called Hexicans and the Time Value of Money. We’ve got Tom with us today to discuss his previous film, this new documentary and other stuff.  And maybe some things. If you love Hex and are south of the border, that makes you a Mexican Hexican. Welcome amigos to episode #661 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.  FULL SHOW NOTES:

  • 00:00 - Intro
    07:30 - Do we have to pay to watch the Fakefluencer movie? 
  • 09:45 - You’ve written for mainstream media publications. What are your thoughts on mainstream media outlets? 
  • 12:30 - We’ve had Richard Heart on the show. Tell us about your HEX documentary series. 
  • 18:30 - The Hexicans voted for the investigation into HEX beginning July 2020. 
  • 20:20 - If you search anything online HEX scam related, you will immediately be presented with Hexican content. They’ve figured out a way to actually hijack the scam narrative to their advantage. 
  • 24:11 - I went into this primarily from the perspective of the Hexicans. I have never definitively said this is a scam. 
  • 28:30 - The cult aspect of supporting cryptocurrencies. 
  • 33:20 - Which coin - Solana, XRP, USDT - is leading the community vote for your next investigation at 
  • 38:00 - The documentary on HEX is scheduled for release soon. Follow Tom on social for updated information. 
  • 40:52 - Outro
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