June 9, 2023 9:26 am CDT

Decentralizing the Film Industry with Alveena Khalid of Filmio

The entertainment industry is a global multi-billion dollar sector. Video games, television and movies help us to escape and recharge. But there are some serious problems with the film industry as it is. While there are plenty of creative projects on the table, movie studios have no cajones and rarely take a chance on something new or different. Marvel, we’re talking to you. 
Today we welcome Alveena Khalid from Film.io to the show to discuss the decentralization of the film industry. If they succeed with their mission, creators and fans will have greater opportunities in the future.
We’re having makeup applied for our close-ups Mr. DeMille. So it’s lights, camera, decentralization on this episode #645 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. 
Full Show Notes at: http://badco.in/

00:00 - Intro 
02:49 - Featured Guest: Alveena Khalid
03:50 - Let’s talk about film and what is broken about the movie industry that Film.io solves. 
07:00 - How is Film.io facilitating the return of creativity to the creators and the community? 
11:08 - What are some of the cool, innovative web3 things Film.io is working on? 
13:29 - There are two different tokens involved here. One is the FAN token and one is the FILM token. What’s the difference and use of each? 
15:00 - Travis signed up and earned 100 FAN tokens, but actually there is an airdrop running right now on GLEAM with a giveaway of 40 million FAN tokens. 
15:49 - When do you expect to launch your first project through Film.io? 
16:50 - Let’s say a movie is ready to watch. Do I need to have tokens to watch the film so the creators receive compensation? 
18:00 - Closing remarks

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