April 1, 2023 9:22 am CDT

Coding with Smart Contracts – Alex McCurry of Solidity.io

If you want to code a smart contract on blockchain, odds are you will be working with Solidity, the primary software being used to conduct such activities. Today we have the opportunity to speak with Alex McCurry, the founder of Solidity.com, a blockchain solutions provider that has seized upon the brand name and built a business serving many large businesses and brands to help create the future. 
What does the future of blockchain look to solve problems like ticketing, real estate and security? You’ll find out today our “solidity like a rock” episode #636 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. 
Full Show Notes at: http://badco.in/636
00:00 - Intro
03:50 - Featured Guest: Alex McCurry of Solidity.io
05:00 - How long have you been on the island of Puerto Rico? 
Joel and Travis talked about the benefits of their relocation to Puerto Rico in Episode #580
06:33 - How does someone decide I’m going to create a programming language everyone is going to end up using to make smart contracts? 
08:30 - Domain name purchase trophy goes to Alex McCurry
10:00 - What brands and partners have come your way to say they want to build with you? 
13:30 - Super Bowl ticket purchase story from Travis
17:13 - How do we solve for issues of theft of NFTs in regards to real asset ownership? 
20:07 - Why aren’t we implementing that kind of security NOW in marketplaces and transactions? - 21:45
21:47 - When you’re working on Solidity, how many different areas are you dealing with and what’s happening at Solidity.io? 
24:10 - In a general sense, provide us with one or two use cases you see coming in the not so distant future that are going to be game changers. 
27:10 - The future of NFTs: linktr.ee/futureofnfts
30:55 - 33:18 - NFTs and SEC and how they are regulating stuff now; instead of pestering each NFT person, why not just add an extra tax in the smart contract? 
33:36 - How long until we can launch tokenization through Solidity and have regulation in place? 
36:40 - When is this market going to turn around and come out of slumber? 
39:26 - Gavin Wood actually has stepped down as the CEO of Parity Technologies and is now going to become the Chief Architect Officer of Polkadot now. What blockchains can use Solidity? What chains do you support? 
40:50 - Closing Remarks
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