May 28, 2023 10:52 am CDT

Best of The Bad Crypto Podcast: William Quigley of WAX on Blockchain Gaming, Digital Collectibles, and E-Commerce in web3

Best of The Bad Crypto Podcast continues with a replay of Episode 279 with William Quigley of WAX blockchain. Great nuggets of information here explaining the efficiency of the WAX blockchain, the market for trading digital and in-game assets with true digital ownership opportunities versus licensing game items from game publishers, and the impacts of physical to digital good NFT certificates of ownership will change e-commerce. 

If you aren’t into gaming, you might not be aware that every year millions of people buy, sell and trade virtual items online. In-game currency, virtual weapons or armor and character skins are some just of the digital items that people buy with real-world currency.
The Worldwide Asset eXchange gives people access to a global community of collectors and traders, buyers and sellers, creators and gamers, merchants, dApp creators, and game developers. Today we welcome William Quigley of WAX to the show to discuss this powerful platform.
And we also welcome back Adam Williams of Evolv Events to talk about World Crypto Con in Las Vegas. That’s right, we’ll be heading to the Cosmopolitan hotel the last week of October to perform Bad Crypto Live once again. You won’t want to miss it.
It’s time for a waxing.. Just not a brazilian, on episode #279 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.
00:00 Intro05:00 - Featured Guest: William Quigley, CEO of WAX (World Wide Asset Exchange)07:00 - Give us an overview of the virtual goods world. 
12:50 - What kinds of skins are available on WAX? My kids like Fortnite; are those skins available on WAX? 
13:26 - Blockchain gaming as a gateway for early adoption. 
14:54 - We initially launched our blockchain based skin trading on Ethereum, but the transaction speeds and the cost of Ethereum was uneconomical. 
16:00 - Digital asset ownership.
16:27 - I’m looking at OpSkins right now and see people are buying things. I’m wondering just how much business is taking place through this site; are people buying stuff every second of every day? 
17:40 - I see people buying things for fiat currency, but I also see the option for WAX XPRESS TRADE. Is that where the blockchain part comes in here with the token? 
19:26 - WAX blockchain efficiency.
21:13 - Trading in-game items is a multi-billion dollar business globally. 
21:50 - Increased adoption through ease of onboarding and UX/UI. 
28:40 - Evaluating the number of transactions on a blockchain to determine its efficiency. 
31:24 - WAX is built for commercial scale 
34:30 - Physical to digital items 
36:16 - Tokenization and use cases of blockchain for digital twin trading
42:00 - What if you have a pair of shoes you’ve tokenized or whatever and I want to actually own the physical item? 
43:03 - You’ve worked on over 40 different blockchain projects. I want to talk about Tether. Eventually the US Dollar is going to crash, so what happens to Tether then? Can we have a Tether pegged to gold as an asset? 
46:00 - Creating digital twins of physical products will appeal to every consumer product market. 
47:33 - Share how I would stake on WAX and what I would get if I did. 
51:38 - Travis, you can tokenize your shoes, Travis! We will see - in the next 5 years - there will be a massive number of traded NFTs and digital items and it will be a bigger and bigger part of e-commerce. 
53:50 - End of Feature Guest Interview 
56:18 - World Crypto Con Las Vegas coverage 
1:13:00 -  Closing remarks 
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