June 4, 2023 10:40 pm CDT

Bedroom Beethovens #031: Zo!

It's crazy to think that at only 31 episodes in, Cello has been lucky enough to have another FE artist join me for a chat.

Phonte and Zo! have worked together extensively over the years via The Foreign Exchange, and we dive deep into his new project(s) FourFront and their era-and-genre-hopping work on the new IFC series Sherman's Showcase.

We chat a bit about how the guest list on this new record came together and we reminisce about how we both encountered 27 inches of snow back in Maryland 10 years ago.

It's an interesting chat about how we got from that point to where he is now, which is making music for two decades and a legion of fans around the country.

Ladies and gentlemen, Cello gives you multi-talented producer and instrumentalist Zo! In his words, he is TAHD. But READEH.

Welcome Back!

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