Top five vacation safety tips to consider this summer

vacation safety summer

Travel plans have gone for a toss amidst times of the pandemic and have loaded the travelers with worries. However, the travel bucket list with peripheral vision does not have to let its guard down since there are a plethora of safety tips for taking a vacation in summers. You needn’t wait to take a dip int the ocean to get fun. Plan the perfect summer getaway with summer fits, flip-flops, and the safety tips given below. 

Pick a remote vacation destination

Scores of travel buffs can face temptation to take a vacation to their favorite spots. However, one must not succumb to temptation. The dream destination can be in the bucket list of several other travelers. It is best to pick a remote destination for enjoying the post-COVID-19 vacation and staying safe at the same time.

Secluded rentals are much better than the packed beaches. Traveling to congested cities and towns and discovering the labyrinth-like colorful streets and treating the tempted taste buds with sweet and savory dishes is not the best option in the year 2020. Thus, choose the best pick with a pragmatic approach and don’t ignore it when it comes to health safety. 


Chalk out a path to destiny by planning a mini-getaway to relax stressed nerves. Perhaps the only traveling one needs to replenish peace and tranquility for the wandering soul. Instead of eating a pint of flavored sorbet and ice-creams, take a long drive at the stunning landmarks or plan a picnic with friends and loved ones in the backyard’s green and colorful garden. Engage in activities that calm the soul with your oasis destination and spend your life at the stunning paradise. 

The best alternative to extended cozy vacations can be to take a one-day road trip. However, this needs to be met with significant safety measures and precautions. One needs to pack meals and avoid stopping at crowded places.

Discover different horizons of traveling and remember the thumb rule of traveling – always research before landing to a place. The ones who love to jump out of their comfort zones can choose a five-day trek with a dash of adventure. Remote safari and sailing are good options as well. The ones who are nature enthusiasts can go for camping getaways with tents, bonfire and enjoy the nature-filled activities.

Carry safety supplies while traveling

The trend of bloggers wearing their perfect stilettos and getting dressed in glittery clothes to stamp social media handles with luxury has gone for a toss and has been replaced by designed masks covering faces. Before filling the bag with a plethora of memories, ensure to pack your duffle bags with plenty of safety supplies. Carry at least three ounces of sanitizers, liquid soap, and staches of paper towels to pat your hands dry.

Carry a separate bag to keep used masks and zip the top until you reach the destination. Make travel more comfortable with the perfect rack accessories and wave goodbye to hassle. 


Ensure physical distancing on the aircraft

Looking at old travel pictures can duck one in the pool of nostalgia, reminding of long relaxing bubble baths with scented bath salts in the luxurious hotel bathrooms. However, one does not need to get sad since the airports will open up the gates for international and domestic traveling. However, to reach the pristine blue beaches, enchanting landscapes, lush rainforests, or even some of the best eye-catching museums and galleries requires you to travel through aircraft with your loved ones. 

Get the perfect dose of traveling and lift spirits at your dream destination but remember to cover your face with a mask and drench your hands in sanitizer liquid at regular intervals. Ensure that you do not take adjacent seats and ask the coordinator to book your tickets in a manner that each side of the aisle has only two individuals stemming from the idea of physical distancing. At the terminal, while hogging snacks, ensure that you eat at an isolated spot away from crowded groups. 

Study the suitability of vacation food needs

Sipping green tea and eating delicately crafted macaroons in the classic French cafe can seem very tempting. However, one must not succumb to temptation since you cannot risk your life to stop and hog sweet and savories. Travelers need to ensure that the places traveled are safe and free from COVID-19, thereby ticking dream destination boxes with full safety measures. 

In no small measure, deadly encounters with infected people can risk lives. Thus it is significant to consider safety measures while deciding which places to resort to food needs. Look out for safe local eatery places and bookmark the same. 


Get a COVID test after landing at the dream destination

It is better to be alarmed than be sorry concerning the COVID-19 test. Thus getting an antibody test after landing to your dream destination is a high recommendation. An aircraft journey may look seamless with airport curbside, touchless travel, and stringent cleaning protocols; however, risks cannot be taken when it comes to the immunity of loved ones. Pristine blue beaches and clear skies can tempt you to pick up traveling as soon as you land. Make sure that you protect your loved ones and act as responsible citizens. 

Travelling can seem very tempting in the year 2020. One must not take advantage of the slash in the airplane tickets. However, taking precautionary measures and ensuring the safety of loved ones is the need of the hour. Check temperatures, use sanitizers frequently, reduce personal contact, and travel, keeping the idea of social distancing at the back of your minds. In no small measure, one risky step can pour water on the future travel bucket lists. Thus travel safely and travel smart.

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