Seven of the best cities to go clubbing and partying in Europe

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Letting your hair down in the European continent is probably a good idea. Offering high road safety and diversified culture, Europe is any traveller’s delight. To top it all, a long list of superior party destinations here, make all revelers wonder where to be and where not.   

The long stretches of this continent and more than multiple peppy clubbing options make the selection process very confusing. Well, if you are looking for a well- sort list of top-notch party spots across Europe, here is all that you need to know.

Berlin, Germany 

If you are to count the number of clubs in this capital city, we are sure you will miss out on a few, no wonder Berlin always makes into the top party destination list. From high-street bars to buzzing underground venues, there are plenty of places that will steal your interest. So, even if the chances of getting into the most exclusive nightclub Berghain look bleak, you should not lose hopes, as you can turn to Sisyphos for its insane music events and no-break parties. A hub to techno music art, this place allures many global musicians to settle here permanently. Also, known for its unbridled hedonistic energy and LGBT friendly clubs, there are no limitations on personal freedom.

Budapest, Hungary

You will surely be swoon by the authenticity of ruin bars in Budapest. Restored old soviet buildings and car parking spaces offer some polished clubbing hot spot. With decent choices of eating places and a plethora of bustling bars, the city feels at a jam with events happening all over the town.Don’t miss a chance to enjoy crazy bath parties at thermal pools in Szechenyi baths.What’s more, wandering around an array of bars and clubs and at Gozsdu passage is another level of fun. So, don’t wait, ride on your Kawasaki motorcycles and head towards this ultimate clubbing destination.

Amsterdam, Netherland 

If you are looking to party all night long, Amsterdam is the place you should be. You can dance away the nights at underground clubs like radion and Shelter that run on a 24-hour license. The city offers everything ranging from top clubs with quaint music to hippy hangouts ruled by big techno DJs. While you can enjoy lavish day time beach parties on the coast, save some energy for a big night out at mega-clubs. With an appointed night mayor to govern and boost the night-time economy, we understand how lovely this place is for nocturnal pursuits.

London, England

As many tourist destinations keep London alive all night long, luckily many uber-chic party destinations also keep the fire burning. Take yourself on an aural trip as you unravel at the clubs in the hipster district of Shoreditch. You will find yourself surrounded by punk vibes in the neighbourhood of Camden town. The stretches of London are offering a variety of partying options as you move down to hip-hop destinations and clubs at Soho.

Belgrade, Serbia

The Reason why Belgrade has earned a reputation among the top-rated party destinations in Europe is that this city never seems to sleep. Not on weekdays, on hot summer days, during jittery winters, under any unseen weather condition, rarely will you see this city shutting down. So, anyone who wishes to party without a hinge, Belgrade, is your perfect choice. What is more enchanting about this city’s nightlife is that it has a winter season and summer season. So, the clubs that operate in a closed space during winters, shifts to open riverside view during the warmer seasons, multiplying fun on your partying experience with some exotic views. As you indulge in honey-sweetened Serbian alcohol, you can raise a toast in their native language as Ziveli!  

Ibiza, Spain 

No party destination list is complete without the mention of the party capital of the World – Ibiza. This place has cut into paparazzi pictures, travel magazines shoot, music video covers, and almost anything that wants to project party vibes. A plethora of vibrant venues across the beautiful coastlines is something that enchants all party lovers. While the rest of the world snoozes, the pulsating nightlife here seems to go on and on. Top-rated clubs like Pacha and amnesia can put all luxury clubs to shame. Otherwise, if you are looking for some low-key hipster fun, various underground discreet locations will not let you down. 

Being regular is boring, and if the party animal in you is always looking for wondrous fun, we are sure this list will do justice to your needs. So put your party shoes on and make some reservations right away.

Krakow, Poland

The old town vibes of the city and countless clubs in Belgrade ( highest number per square meter) make this city a party lover destination. All-day and night through, the city is lively and fun. With low taxes and regulations on alcohol, the cost of liquor is as little as 1 euro per shot of vodka or beer. You can try flavored vodkas at exclusive shot bars at Banialuka. The polish people are friendly, and you can expect a merry time getting acquainted with locals at the bar.

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